Video course: The Friuli Land Pizza by Lorenzo Collovigh

Discovering frico, raw ham, mushrooms and other delicious Friulian products
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What you will learn in this course

Here are the topics explained in the lesson:

The recipe

The recipe

With all the ingredients



With a little secret



With the final touch by the Master’s hand


The teacher of this Zanolli Academy course

Used in this lesson

Here are the main tools and equipment used in this lesson

Teorema Polis

The watchword is versatility. If you don’t find the version you are looking for, with Teorema Polis you can create your own for whatever you need from Pastry making to baking and pizza production! You can choose different heights of cooking chamber: 18 cm for baking pizzas or for small pastries 30 cm for baking […]

Galassia pane

The Galassia Pane is a strong and robust kneading machine that makes soft velvety dough thanks to the ideal ratio between the spiral and the basin giving excellent oxygenation. Two models are available, varying in capacity from 60 to 120kg of dough. The simple mechanics ensures maximum reliability and the two speed motors allow the […]